The Inconsiderables- Last Exit Out of Hollywood
3.8 IMDB Rating

The Inconsiderables- Last Exit Out of Hollywood

(The Inconsiderables: Last Exit Out of Hollywood)
  • Release Year 2020
Director Salvatore Sebergandio
Writer Salvatore Sebergandio
Stars Robert Woods, Shannah Laumeister Stern, Sidney Kassouf, Marcello Cacioppo
Salvatore Sebergandio presents a B grindhouse experience with off audio, missing and skipping reels with bad CGI about an aged mafia Hitman Salvatore, (Robert Woods), who is sent to Los Angeles's San Fernando Valley to lay low after a major job, but while in L.A., Salvatore gets involved with two mafia brothers, (Marco and Marcello Cacioppo) that are controlled by a Witch (Shannah Laumeister Stern) living in a world that blurs reality with fantasy; all for power and wealth; as members of a Hollywood cult are eliminated.

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